Guide: Mercedes W203 Radio Removal

Guide: Remove Mercedes W203 Radio Der Pade image 6

Difficulty Level Easy Time Required 1 to 2 hours Tools Slotted ScrewdriverSocket SetTorx ScrewdriverCombination PliersWork Light Remove Ventilation Grilles Frankly, this is the most challenging step. To remove the ventilation grilles, you need to push these small clips (blue circles) to the right and push the ventilation grille upwards first. Do this for both grilles. …

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W203 M271 Thermostat Replacement: Quick, Easy, Effective!

Guide: W203 Thermostat Replacement M271 Der Pade image 5

Introduction In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of replacing the thermostat in the W203 with M271 engine – and it’s quick and easy. Symptoms of a Faulty Thermostat Thermostats are wear-and-tear components! Many drivers continue to operate their vehicles with faulty thermostats. This becomes noticeable, especially in winter when the engine no …

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M271 Crankcase Breather Hose: Recognizing Symptoms and Easily Replacing

Guide: W203 M271 C200 Compressor Partial Load Ventilation Hose Ruptured Der Pade image 3

Signs of a Defective M271 Crankcase Breather Hose OBD2 Fault Code P2014 The OBD-2 fault code P2014, also known as “Camshaft Control Solenoid Short to Plus”, indicated that the camshaft sensor/camshaft solenoid was not signaling. Upon closer inspection, I found that the connectors were again soaked in oil, including the pins. I then cleaned the …

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Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Replace TCC Solenoid Valve in the Mercedes 722.6 Automatic Transmission


Introduction The 722.6 automatic transmission is a 5-speed automatic transmission used by Mercedes, among others in the W203 model. When the automatic transmission starts jerking, it is crucial to observe the symptoms carefully. Does the automatic transmission jerk during shifting, starting, coasting, downshifting, or only in the first gears without a gear change? The latter …

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