Guide: Mercedes W203 Radio Removal

In this guide, I’ll show you how to remove the radio in a W203, S203, or CL203.

For every W203 enthusiast, I highly recommend the book “Mercedes C-Class W 203 So wird’s gemacht” (Mercedes C-Class W 203 How it’s done). There you’ll find numerous instructions for the most common issues with the W203. 

Guide: Remove Mercedes W203 Radio Der Pade image 6
Difficulty LevelEasy
Time Required1 to 2 hours
ToolsSlotted Screwdriver
Socket Set
Torx Screwdriver
Combination Pliers
Work Light

Remove Ventilation Grilles

Frankly, this is the most challenging step. To remove the ventilation grilles, you need to push these small clips (blue circles) to the right and push the ventilation grille upwards first. Do this for both grilles.

After you have pushed each ventilation grille upwards over the stop, you need to loosen the two Torx screws (one on each side). Afterward, repeat the process with the clips in the ventilation grilles, with the difference that you now push the ventilation grilles downward.

Once you have pushed the ventilation grilles over the stop downward, you need to push the four barbs on the upper inner edge downward and pull out the ventilation grilles. (See arrows)

Remove Trim

Trim in the Shift Knob Area

Now you need to pull the trim in the center console upward. It’s only clipped and not screwed. It’s best to start this process in the area of the ashtray and then gently pull the part upward.

You can easily pull up the shifter boot.

Guide: Remove Mercedes W203 Radio Der Pade image 5
The trim in the center console.

Remove Ashtray

You can now easily remove the ashtray by pushing the two hooks away from the ashtray, as shown in the picture.

Remove Center Console

Now you need to release the clamps for the trim in the center console. For this, you need a thin, long screwdriver.

After you have released the clamps, you can disconnect all connectors from the control elements.

Remove Radio

Now you have the radio in front of you, which is held in place with only four screws.

W203 alles ausgebaut
After you have removed the center console, it should look like this.

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